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Why ABISS 2019?

5 good reasons why your potential customers will most probably visit ABISS 2019… or why you should be an exhibitor

  1. Digitalisation and automation is an ongoing process of learning, orientation, testing, adjusting and improvement. An ideal solution for this is a trade show/congress where technology providers help you make the right decisions thanks to their knowledge, combined with personal discussions.
  2. The digitalisation of a production company is among the most complex digitalisation tasks. The number of business processes in a production company is indeed much larger than in a retail or services model. Between engineering and the actual delivery/distribution of the product, there are many other processes such as planning, maintenance, prototyping, quality control, factory layout, supply chain, HR, ordering… ABISS 2019 is therefore the place to be for both full and partial integration of digitalisation software.
  3. Digitalisation projects are complex, expensive and time-consuming and have a profound impact on the business model. Companies that are taking their first steps, or which are already at a more advanced stage, need reliable partners for technology, counselling, implementation, training and support. All the more reason to make contacts face to face with companies that can convince the visitor that they have this expertise in-house and therefore deserve the customer’s trust.
  4. Digitalisation is booming. The number of providers of software, apps and services is increasing exponentially. For the teams concerned in the target audience, it is becoming increasingly difficult to decide and make the right choices. ABISS 2019 will provide visitors with a clear overview of the current situation that they will not find on any other trade show platform.
  5. Visitors of ABISS 2019 will have the opportunity to see demos presented by several companies, where, based on the selected demos, they will be able to examine the right questions, tailored solutions and applications before they organise further discussions in-house.