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Expert Classes 2018

10u00 - 10u30
Smart technologies, don’t make me think!
Bart Lamot
Bart Lamot
ICT Group

In just one decade we made the evolution from ‘sometimes connected’ to ‘always online’ (on several devices). Digital transformation has started and this is only the prologue. The latest possibilities have hardly revealed themselves and they are already accessible to all of us.
You want to start up a new bank? Peanuts thanks to open source software. Or you wish to print spare parts? No problem. Even machine learning and deep learning have now become within easy reach.
But is everything really so easy? Does the future only belong to the nerds, or yet to everybody?
ICT Group is mainly active in the Netherlands, but also has branches across the border, e.g. in Belgium, Bulgaria and the US. Clients of ICT Group are spread all over the world and therefore our projects have an international character.

10u30 - 11u00
Why digitisation of the full value chain may lead to important breakthroughs
Wim Van der Borght - Abiss 2018
Wim Van der Borght
Reynaers Aluminium nv

Reynaers Aluminium specialises in designing and commercializing innovative and durable aluminium applications for exterior joinery. More than 5000 partners worldwide have realized production for private as well as commercial and industrial buildings. All possible thanks to a product range for standard solutions and custom developments. By focusing on driven digitization within the complete value chain, the transmission was made from a classic production company to a high-tech organisation. Great breakthroughs were realised by closing the digital wire in the full value chain. 

11u00 - 11u30
Artificial Intelligence no longer a hype… (but making its way to your company)
Wouter Gevaert - Abiss 2018
Wouter Gevaert
NMCT – Howest

Artificial intelligence - science fiction that has become reality-, is getting more and more common in our day to day life. Companies are beginning to notice the enormous potential of AI and are realising they will have to embrace AI to remain competitive. The presentation will zoom in on the current state of affairs and the future evolutions of AI. 

11u30 - 12u00
Industry 4.0 adoption: Increase your SPEED through SMART CO-CREATION
Paul Peeters - Abiss 2018
Paul Peeters

Technological evolutions around digitization of manufacturing have increased exponentially. For a single manufacturing company, it has become hardly possible to keep track of all recent digital technology breakthroughs. Joining forces with other players will be a key success factor if you have the ambition to stay or become a Factory of the Future. Co-creation networks will be an important catalyst. We will share some first experiences.

12u00 - 14u00
Lunchbreak - Pitch & visit
14u00 - 14u30
How Blockchain will impact industry 4.0
Thomas Marckx / Gene Vangampelaere
The Ledger / Howest

Although there’s still a big hype around Blockchain, the possibilities and opportunities are becoming more and more concrete.
Why are we at the forefront of a paradigm shift? How can the industry prepare itself and embrace this coming change?



14u30 - 15u00
Sm@rt Plant
Hans Fastenaekels - Abiss 2018
Hans Fastenaekels

Next generation industrial biomass-to-energy plants will evolve to self-learning and auto-tuning plants with the help of IIOT and AI.  Business models will adapt to these changes.

15u30 - 16u00
Why digital in manufacturing without security is like driving without seatbelts
Ulrich Seldeslachts - Abiss 2018
Ulrich Seldeslachts
LSEC (Leaders in Security & for digital industrial transformation)

Ever tried driving without seatbelts at 250 km an hour? Try going digital without security. Cybersecurity might be the least of your concerns when transforming digital. But consider taking the necessary measures upfront, including an architectural design allowing for limiting access, ensuring encryption, segregation of duties, protecting networks and devices and continuously monitoring data flows. A risk based approach and a control framework are the fundamental requirements of any digital platform. Follow some practical guidance beyond ISA, ISO and learn by example of some practical first steps to put into action. 

16u00 - 17u30
Ginbar - Meet & greet